Chapter 2: First Group Interaction

Have you ever been at a place where you are just so content and know it was the right decision and the right choice? Well that is what I started to realise as I progressed through this course, MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. This course is centred on innovative thinking, especially the module Design Thinking. In this module I will face different challenges, such as cross cultural understanding through team work and business challenges through the creation of our own innovative company. Synchronously, Design Thinking focuses on finding solutions to problems, therefore I will be equipped with valuable strategies to problem solving. I found myself very mesmerised by this module, as is it so different, very real and practical with applicable theories.

I am a very observant person and like things to flow naturally, therefore many times group works are one of the things that take me out of my comfort zone. In these scenarios I learnt to listen and empathizingly understand the point of view of my group members. In my very first group interaction in this module we discussed vital Do’s and Don’ts for a successful teamwork. In an article by  SusanM. Heathfield the she discusses ”10 Tips for Better Teamwork” whereby if a team can get the ten factors correct, the team will experience success and a sense of team work rewarding (Heathfield, 2017).  We built groups where each group member had marker to actively contribute to writing their points on the white board. This is a very logical but also smart approach because it is clear that no one in this world possesses the answer to everything. Therefore if we all can share our ideas we are efficiently more progressive. In figure 1 below are pictures of each group’s outtake on this topic.

Group work Do's and Don'ts

It is apparent that in a group there will be challenges that can make or break the team’s goal. Consequently, we are all reliant on each other’s dedicated contribution in order for us to achieve our goal. In my Management, Strategy and International Entrepreneurship module I learnt about an important framework within a team. The GLOBE Project, an organisation devoted to the international study of the relationships among societal culture, leadership and organisational practices, clarifies the Cross-Cultural Leadership Insights (Project, 2004). From one of the GLOBE Study, the team-oriented style inculcates loyalty, pride and collaboration among organisational members. Furthermore, it extremely values effective team cohesiveness and implementation of a mutual perseverance or aims (Project, 2004).


What I take away for the future is that it is inevitable to work with different people in this world in some shape or form. In order to succeed you always need someone external or internal to help you achieve your goal. Whether in my own business endeavour where I will liaise with customers and different stakeholders or in my personal life/relationships. I therefore need to be more open and understanding by being taken out of my comfort zone. However, once I become comfortable within a group I become a people’s person and enjoy the journey so much more.

Stay tuned for my next blog!




‘’10 Tips for Better Teamwork’’

‘’ GLOBE Culture and Leadership Study’’



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