Chapter 4: YOBBAFIC

We have formed our business groups, had group activities together to get to know each other more and now we have to come up with a brand name. There were assisting websites advising on how to choose the right brand name, which we took some heed to. However, the whole company creation process from the brand name to selling out products involves creative thinking. Somehow it is meant to be fun and valuable. From the moment we formed our group, we started thinking about different company names. Finally members of our group came up with the idea of mixing the first letter of our surname and shuffle them up until we agree on a company name. YOBBAFIC, is the name we all agreed on. The reason being is that is sounds unusual, which is likely to lead people to research more about us.

YOBBAFIC's brand name

Now that we have formed our group and developed a brand name the next step for us was to find product ideas. Honestly, this stage for me was not easy only because I knew that we had to find a problem and create a product as a solution for it. Something scalable, new or done in a new way. Many businesses have products which they had the product idea for many years prior to manufacturing it. However, we had four weeks to come up with a product idea and meet the product approval submission deadline.

For my assistance I used Tim Brown’s (2008) Design Thinking Process model. In this process I asked myself ‘’How might we?’’ create a product respondent to people’s problems involving creative solutions to advance our ideas and build on each other’s ideas. As a group and individually we brainstormed using sticky notes and a board as shown in figure 2 below.

YOBBAFIC's product idea

I observed potential users by fundamentally empathizing with them to frame the designed problem established on what I have learnt from those observations. Our design process displayed to be chaotic. However, it created results. This method is connected to D.School’s Design Thinking Process model which is comprised of five connected stages commencing with Empathize as displayed in figure 3 below.

D.School's Design Thinking Process Model

For my future goal as an entrepreneur I have learnt through the above mentioned processes and theories ways to find product ideas more effectively and creatively. Particularly I will incorporate the method of building on ideas. I believe by doing so I will achieve progressive problem solutions. Next, we as YOBBAFIC, have to narrow our product ideas down and make our final product choice. So stay tuned for my next blog!




‘’6 Reasons Why a Strong Brand is Important for Your Small Business’’

‘’ How to Choose a Great Brand Name’’



Brown, T., (2008), ‘Design Thinking, Harvard Business Review, June’

Adapted from: Dr Christopher Kronenberg & Dr Mark Passera , Design thinking and entrepreneurship practice, KU London, 2012.

Plattner, H. (n.d.). An Introduction to Design Thinking PROCESS GUIDEEmpathize. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Nov. 2017].


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