Chapter 5: FLUSHIES

We are making wonderful progress. We had great product ideas and narrowed it down to two. How did we narrow it down? We had about five product ideas at first. Then we discussed as a group what the particular customers in the market would be by always having in mind this question: ‘’ Will our product solve our users’ problems? Is it scalable? Who are our competitors?’’.

The two products we lessened down to were biodegradable WC seat hygiene product and environmental bicycle safety indicators as shown below.

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Before we picked our final product we carried out tests as shown above, to analyse the practicality of the products. We additionally asked members of staff for their input as well as people in our environment. We then made a collective decision to pick the biodegradable WC seat hygiene product which we named FLUSHIES.



FLUSHIES is a hygienic and sanitary product made out of an environmental-friendly and biodegradable anti-bacterial paper. It covers the toilet seat and bowl to prevent direct human contact to the toilet seat, water splashes and poo stains. There will be no essential need for toilet brushes. Firstly, the user takes one folded Flushies out of the dispenser and unfolds it, grabs it by the handle and spreads it out on the toilet seats. This automatically drops inside the toilet bowl. Afterwards the user flushes it away. Our slogan is FLUSHIES, FLUSHY CLEAN. See below for a pictorial instructions.


However there are on-going product improvements to determine the right bio-degradable material that is flushable and does not block the toilet i.e. create fat-bergs. Our corporate social responsibility is to create an environmental friendly product that contributes to the overall sustainability of the environment.

Overall on the journey so far, I have learnt how to develop a scalable and environmental sustainable product within a group environment. I have learnt how to compromise and collectively make a decision in consideration to everyone in a team. Therefore for my future exertion to own a business I will cogitate environmental factors throughout a product development process and well as make satisfying group decisions.

Stay tuned for my next blog to see what unfolds next!





‘’ How to Select the Best Idea by the end of an Ideation Session’’


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